Friday, February 27, 2009

My Three Little Talents

Mishonne, Logan, and Haley participated in their school talent show. The three of them did a group act where Mishonne played the piano while they sang "I am a Child of God." It was very sweet. Logan and Mishonne also were part of group acts for their class. It was fun to watch. I am proud of them for being brave in front of so many people.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Deep thougts on Sisterly Love

Here is a picture of Haley and Aliyah in matching dresses that my Mom helped me make when Mishonne and Haley were that age. Every time I see my girls together it reminds me of me and my sister when we were younger in our matchy matchy dresses. Nicole and I are about the same difference in age as my girls all are. ONe thing that never changes it that the older sister is always looking out for the younger one. Sometimes it comes across as bossy. I see it when Mishonne tells Haley she is doing something incorrect and I tell her to take it easy and that Haley will get it with practice. I also see it when Haley wants to coddle Aliyah all the time instead of letting her explore and give her space. I just hope they learn to appreciate each other and their differences because someday they may not have their sister around to Boss.
My Dad once called me a "Fixer." I always want to fix things to make people happy. I am not sure if it is an older child syndrome or not and I am not sure it is a good thing. I constantly think,"well if he or she would just do this or not do that then they would be happy." I also think everyone should enjoy the gospel and what it has to offer. The problem I run into is that I can't make people's decisions for them and that is where being a "fixer" is frustrating.
I recently read the scripture that talks about not trying to fix the "mote" that is in thy brothers (or sisters) eye so much, but that we should concentrate on pulling the beam out of our own eye. This made me stop and think. I am guilty of judging others and trying to constantly in my mind decide what would be best for them. I forget that I have LOTS to work on myself. It will probably take me the rest of my life to acheive being the kind of person I want to be. THank goodness I have a wonderful husband and the Savior to help me out when I mess up. So if I ever happen to pull my "fixing behavior" on you just take it with a grain of salt and know that I mean well.

Our littlest Valentine

Here is our littlest Valentine, big thighs and all. HOw come being fat and dimply is only cute when you are a baby? I have lots of dimples in unamed places I sure wish were cute.
For our Valentine tradition we each have a secret Valentine (in the family) and we each have a bag that we hand decorate on the mantle. For the week before Valentine's Day we put things into our secret Valentine's bag and then on V-Day we get to open our bags and guess who our Valentine is. My bag only had one thing in it from my secret Valentine. I won't mention any names. I am not bitter or anything. Besides V-day is more for the kids, right Loren? Oops. Did I mention a name? He did however take me out to dinner to make up for his lack of romance.

A visit from Aunt Brandy

Aunt Brandy came into town for work last week and so we got to hang out with her for a while. Brandy was the first good friend I made when I moved to Baton Rouge. She will always hold a special place in my heart for her kindness and friendship during that difficult move. She also happens to be a big hit with my kids. When she came Mishonne aked if she could baby sit them again and spin in the chair. I had to remind Mishonne that she is the baby sittter now.

Smart Cookie

Aliyah is our littlest smart cookie. She surprises us every day with how fast she is learning and growing. She started crawling last week (forward any how. She was crawling backward much before that) and this week is pulling up on things. Before I know it she will be a big smart cookie like her older brothers and sisters.