Monday, March 8, 2010

Avisit from Auntie and Lucian

Nicole was able to come visit with baby Lucian in January. We had so much fun with them. Lucian loves his Auntie Sandra. He slept all night for me when I kept him a night down stairs. That's my boy. Aliyah especially liked having a live baby doll to play with and the other kids loved having them around. I think Auntie got humbled on the ping pong table once or twice from the older kids. OOps did I just say that? I can't wait to go see them in April.

Pictures for Grandma Jody

Okay so this post is for my Grandma who insisted on new pictures. I know she loves all my kids but what she really means is she wants to see the baby who changes and grows so fast. She asked for it. I am sure Aliyah JODY Marie gets these qualities from her Grandma Jody.

ADORABLE This is Aliyah in a hand made dress from Mexico.

UH OH maker- I thought I would give Aliyah a few cheetos while I unloaded the groceries. I could not see her because the grocery bags were in the way. Once they were unloaded I looked over and saw Aliyah with a few more than a few cheetos. I guess I put the bag a little too close to her. LOL

FASHION EXPERT- This is a typical fashion outfit for Aliyah. If I leave her in her diaper for too long she takes matters into her own hands.