Wednesday, November 19, 2008

La Petite Village

Logan was in his school production of a tiny cajun village. Each year the third grade and kindergarteners get to perform the play. It shows how things were when the cajun settlers first came to Louisiana. Doesn't Logan make a cute little cajun boy?

The Cajun Village

I took Mom to the little Cajun Village while she was here. We saw their huge alligator and had a binet (kind of like funnel cake). It was fun to get some alone time with her since the kids demand Grandma's attention when she is here.

Yum Yum!

Aliyah explores a whole new world of food. Grandma let her have a sip of lemonade and Aliyah figured if one sip is good than the whole cup is better. Check out that toungue.

Loren and I got to go on a date while my Mom was here and Grandma realized Aliyah could hold her own bottle.

Grandma also got to feed Aliyah her first baby cereal. Aliyah thought it was hilarious.

Her newest thing to suck on is her feet. It is so cute to see this fat little thing reach her toes so easily.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A visit from Grandma

Grandma Maryann is here visiting. I have proof because the AC is on and it is 68 degrees in my house even though it is only 70 degrees outside. I am sitting here in my Grandma sweater, pants and socks while Mom is in her shorts and T-shirt. Although she comes with thyroid problems and quirks we would not give her up for the world. The kids love having family here. Mom helped me build shelves in my shed and we got an old desk that we made into a work bench for me. Now I can use my power tools in style.

Here is little Aliyah playing on Grandma. These are special moments that we wish we had all year long.

Halloween Fun

I am a week late getting our cute Halloween pics up. We had fun looking at all of y'alls Halloween pics as well.
Aliyah was the cutest baby tinkerbell in the whole world. It worked out that Uncle Chris' Birthday is close to Halloween so we could send him a fun e-card.

Logan was a tough fighting ninja, Mishonne was an indian girl which she finally said was Pocahontas because everyone kept asking "who" she was, Haley was the sweetest little Minnie MOuse, and Denton was none other than BAtman.