Saturday, September 6, 2014

End of summer Events

Our last stop for the summer was in Utah. We got to spend a day with our good friends the Beatties and Ramsdens.
We saw a cool rainbow while traveling home from Utah
Logan earns his First Class in Scouts
Aliyan and Denton's first day of school, 1st grade and 4th grade. We love their teachers so far.
Logan has his first Band Concert of the year. There are a ton of freshman this year. Logan made top band which is fantastic for a Freshman.

Mishonne enters a new Chapter in her Life

It was a bitter sweet experience leaving Mishonne with the Stibals at the end of the summer. Mishonne got spend a week with her best friend Kennedy and then they took her to the airport where she took a plane back to Oregon to begin her Junior year of High School. We are excited for her but will miss her sorely. Luckily Sandra gets to go see her every 2 months.

"Owl" Come Unto Christ

All of the girls turning 12 in the last year and entering the Young Womens prgoram at church were spotlighted at our New Beginnings program at church. We combined an Owl theme along with the youth 2014 general theme of "Come Unto Christ." It turned out very cute. Haley is so excited to be in Young Womens now.

Washington Fun

The kids got to go down to Auntie Nicole and Uncle Chris' quite a bit since they live down the street.
Aunt Kindra paints the girls' nails. How fun.
The kids had fun playing with their cousins, Aria, Lucian, Emma, and Colton, in Washington.
The girls love doing selfies. The first is of Sandra and Aliyah in the airport traveling down to WAshington. The second is in the car traveling from ORegon to Washington. Mishonne wasnt quite

Jet Skiing Fun

Sandra has always wanted to go jetskiing so for her birthday present she took the girls and women jet skiing while the boys were at the Mariners game in Seattle. It was super fun. Mishonnes jet ski ended up dying at the end so the instructor had to go tow her in but she still said it was the most fun she has ever had. Grandma Maryann and the little ones hung out at the beach.
The kids were worn out from their day and fell fast asleep on the way home. They are so cute when sleeping.

The Eye of the Storm

The storm that cut our camping trip short ended up being worse than we thought since only a little bit hit our camp ground. Much of Spokane was without power and hundreds of trees went down. WE passed by the destruction caused by the eye of the storm. Amaziningly no one was killed in this trailer park. We stayed a night with Grandma Jody and Opa since Grandma Maryann and Grandpa Mike we without power. We got up the next morning and helped clean up all the debris left from the storm. We are used to this sort of thing in Louisiana but Washington was pretty devasted by it.

Our Annual Camping trip to the Mudhole

We love going camping with our family in Washington. We got lots of baby Emma cuddles the first day. Unfortunately a storm came through so Nicole and Chris and Emma left after the first night and Sandra and kids had to leave after the second night. We had one good day of sun but lots of sprinkles. Logan left the first night with Opa and Grandma Jody so he could fly back to Louisiana early for band camp.

The Dirty Dash

Sandra and Mishonne got to do the Dirty Dash Run with Nicole, Kalli, and Kindra and a couple of Kindras friends. WE definately got down and dirty. Sandra got stepped on resulting in a big bruise on her leg and Mishonne got really bad blisters on her heels. It was fun though and we would do it again.

A hike to Bowl and Pitcher

Loren and Sandra got to go on a date to the Bowl and Pitcher down on the Spokane River and hike a river trail. It was beautiful.

Marks Family Reunion

We had a great time at the Marks Family reunion as usual. Sandra made up a minute to win it game where everyone got a chance to participate. The Sunday before the reunion we had a family dinner and talent show. Mishonne and Logan played a duet on the piano and french horn. They played "A Thousand Years" For only a few days to practice they did well. Haley played the piano and Loren was the conductor. The grandkids all sang "I am a Child of God" and the Marks siblings sang a closing song while Mishonne played the piano. Sandra was the photographer. Even Grandma Renee played her harmonica for us.