Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Mishonne's Sweet 16 Surprize Birhday Party

We had so much fun planning a surprize birthday party for Mishonne. Most of her friends were able to make it. Some were from school, church, and sports. Mishonne was so excited. Aliyah gives Mishonne her home made sweet.
Everyone hides behind the couch when we hear Mishonne coming.
Grandma made a special carrot cake for Mishonne and we played a who knows Mishonne best game. It was an M&M theme since her initials are MMM. It was a special night.
It is so weird that Mishonne is enveloped by so many Laurens in her Here she is with Lauren Little, Lauren Long, Lauren Pearson, Lauren Jackson, and of course her dad Loren.
Loren gives Mishonne a special Daddy gift of diamond earings for her Sweet 16th.

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