Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

What a wonderful day. I love Mother's Day, not only to be showered with attention but to reflect on the mothers that have been a big part of my life.
Mishonne got asked to play a difficult piano piece for the Youth Choir at church. At first it was slow learning the piece because it was above what she had played in the past. Then the last few weeks she has had some one on one piano lesson time with a good friend of ours from church to learn the song. She has practiced her heart out and did a fabulous job today. There are three vocal parts which made it the more difficult to play and she did great. The awesome thing is that her friend Kelsie that has been coming to mutual on Wednesdays brought her family to church today so she could sing in the choir. Mishonne's non-member piano teacher also came to hear her play. Grandma Hilton also came with her daughter Erica. What a neat day.

Loren said I needed to title this one "the Devil in Disguise." I guess it is because she dumped her food all over the floor tonight and screamed when no one would get her "More"

Me and the Love of my Life

Grandma Hilton and her daughter Erica

Mishonne and her friend Kelsie

Grandma Hilton with the kids

glad to see I am still a bit taller

Yeah! Mishonne did it.

Easter in Washington

I got a free ticket to fly home and see my family this year. The only time I could go where Loren could be with the kids and I could fly with Aliyah before she turns 2 was Easter week. The older kids and Loren had a full week of fun activities planned and had Easter dinner at the Mastens while Aliyah and I hung out in Spokane. We had a great time minus the double ear infection Aliyah got.

My dad and I also got to tile their bathroom and backsplash while I was there. I was actually the teacher which was kind of cool to teach my Dad something. Usually I am always calling him for help.

Logan turns 10!

So I am a little late with this post, but I have good reason. I some how deleted all of Logan's birthday pictures off of my camera card. Oh how I wish my Dad lived here when I need computer help. I recently found that these two photos magically appeared in another random folder. I am still trying to find the other ones with his cool Olympic rings Birthday cake I made him. I will add those pics if they turn out.

Anyway, Logan had a fun family party with a German Chocolate cake and Gumbo, his favorite. He then had a Winter Olympic Birthday edition party with his buddies. They got to spit beans and shoot hoops blindfolded. We now have beans sprouting in our yard. lol. Logan is a special boy and we are truly grateful he is part of our family.

New Orleans

Here are some pics from our New Orleans excursion when Mom was here. My friend Andrea showed us around the French Market area and of course Bourbon Street. It was cool to see the gold sprayed man and horses.
My favorite part was getting Binets and hot chocolate at Cafe Dumont.