Friday, November 26, 2010

Summer Ocean Pics Atlast

I am finally getting around to posting our summer family pics at the ocean in Brookings. Jef was kind enough to take them for us. It makes me miss the ocean so much to see these. 7 months and counting till I am reunited with it.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Haley's Baptism Memories

Haley looked so beautiful in her baptism dress. She reminds me of an angel. Haley is such a special spirit. She if so full of love and smiles. She keeps the love in our family and reminds us to be Christlike. We took the dress pictures in Spokane above the River near Grandma Maryann and Mike's house.

Haley had all of the Brookings family there to support her at her baptism. How neat.

We are so pleased with Haley and her decision to get baptised.

Haley is well loved and supported. In addition to all the Brookings family, Grandma Jody, Opa, and Grandma Maryann drove down from Spokane to the the baptism. It was fun to have so much family for such a special day.
Haley got her own scriptures and case for her baptism from Mommy and Daddy and Grandma Maryann.

Not only was it Haley's baptism day but it was also her baby cousin, Sawyer's blessing day. They both look so precious together.

Mishonne played the piano while her aunts and uncles sang the "As Sisters in Zion/As Armies of Helaman" medley. Aunt Heidi gave the talk, Grandma Renee led the music, Aunt Heather said the opening prayer and Grandma Maryann said the closing prayer.

It is always a special time for Loren to baptize his kids. Grandpa Marks and Opa were the witnesses.

Our Baby Girl turns "2"

I can not believe our baby girl is TWO. Aliyah is a bundle of energy and is just starting to talk really well. Since we have had so many birthdays lately she walks around singing "Happy Birthday" all day long. We are so glad Aliyah is part of our family.

Aliyah sampled her little cake before we lit the candles.

Aliyahs two favorite things are chips and wearing only her diaper so this picture captures her very well. lol

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Camp Kingdom

I have never been so relieved to have a week behind me in my life. I got called to co direct Girl's Camp this year. I thought it would be loads of fun since I love coming up with ideas. It was more work than I ever imagined. Both Melanie, my director, and my self were unexperienced with how camp runs. So we started with past year schedules and went from there. IT was definately a rewarding experience but the pressure to make it a huge spiritual experience for the girls attending was tough. I think it all went well. We had lots of compliments. I know that we will improve on many things next year, but all in all it was one of the toughest callings I have ever had but one of the most rewarding. The best part was being able to be there on the year that Mishonne got to go for the first time. I loved seeing her experience new emotions and seeing her testimony grow.

We decorated the dining hall to look like a castle. We called it the royal hall. Uur theme was "Be strong and courageous" so we went with the medieval theme. We took off with the armor of God theme from the scriptures and incorporated it into our activities and lessons. My big project was a "Castles and Farytales" Powerpoint presentation. I was surprised how into it the girls were which made me feel good becauses I spent so much time on it. The girls got a charm to go on their necklace each night. I gave them a Salt Lake temple charm for the presentation.

It was a Bi Stake Camp. Here is our Baton Rouge Stake pic.

Mishonnes leadership training group.

Here are Mishonnes big sisters, each YCl has little sisters.

I was in charge of the YCLs and help them to lead the camp. The YCLs are juniors and seniors in high school. We had 33 of them this year. Crazy.

Here are my Washington Buddies. Tiffany and Heather are from Spokane like me and Courtney is from the Pullman area. Heather and I were even at girls camp in Spokane at the same time. What a small world. Heather and I were in the YCL cabin together. It was such a blast. We had water fights with the other YCl Cabin. I think we won that one, after they held me down and soaked me. lol.

Loren sang the "Give me Faith" song that he wrote for the girls. It was special. I am married to the best man in the world.

The girls made armor of god parts for the Stake Presidency members to put on. It was pretty funny.

Mishonne was Princess Peach in our ward skit.

Kelsie, Mishonnes non-member friend came to girls camp and had a really good time. I am pleased Mishonne is such a little missionary.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Haley has a pajama princess Bday Party.

I can't believe Haley is 8 now. She is deffinately our little princess. We had a ball having her birthday this year. It was a Pajama party complete with makeovers. They played musical pillows, pass the teddybear, and had a sleeping bag relay race.

top row: Katie, Haley, Courtney; middle: Emma, Catalina, Hannah; bottom: Lizzie, Dylan, Rebecca

Be All that you can be in the Army!

Denton idealizes his uncle Christopher and so he wanted an Army Party for his 5th birthday this year. We had fun making the cake and games up.

We had a boot camp relay race. Here they had to army crawl under the ping pong table.

We had fun making a battle scene birthday cake.

May Baseball

Mishonne, Logan, and Haley did very well in baseball this year. I assistant coached Haley's team this year.
I told them that whoever hit a fly ball over the fielder's head and got at least a double they could go to a restaurant for dinner. I did not figure anyone would actaully do this since most fly balls land just past the infielders, but to my utter surprize all three of them did this so I owe them dinner at Golden Corral. I guess I will be a little more causious of my promised in the future.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

What a wonderful day. I love Mother's Day, not only to be showered with attention but to reflect on the mothers that have been a big part of my life.
Mishonne got asked to play a difficult piano piece for the Youth Choir at church. At first it was slow learning the piece because it was above what she had played in the past. Then the last few weeks she has had some one on one piano lesson time with a good friend of ours from church to learn the song. She has practiced her heart out and did a fabulous job today. There are three vocal parts which made it the more difficult to play and she did great. The awesome thing is that her friend Kelsie that has been coming to mutual on Wednesdays brought her family to church today so she could sing in the choir. Mishonne's non-member piano teacher also came to hear her play. Grandma Hilton also came with her daughter Erica. What a neat day.

Loren said I needed to title this one "the Devil in Disguise." I guess it is because she dumped her food all over the floor tonight and screamed when no one would get her "More"

Me and the Love of my Life

Grandma Hilton and her daughter Erica

Mishonne and her friend Kelsie

Grandma Hilton with the kids

glad to see I am still a bit taller

Yeah! Mishonne did it.