Sunday, May 8, 2011

Gonzales Ward Talent Show

Mishonne and the YW put on a talent show with any willing participants to earn money for girl's camp. Mishonne did a silly Mary Had a Little Lamb duet with her friend Kelsie and she wrote a skit for our family to perform. It was funny and in the end she played the piano to beat out Logan. Haley was the daughter being courted by the two "boys" and Loren was the skeptical Dad. Logan also played Star Wars while Alexander Paries did a Jedi routine.

Piano Recital

This was Logan and Haley's first year taking Piano from a teacher other than Loren. They both did very well at their Recital. Mishonne also did great with her "Somewhere in Time". Logan played Star Wars and William Tell March. Haley played Tschaikowsky Concerto.
Pictured with the kids is their piano teach, Ms. Gwen Verbois.

Marks' Family Easter

I always fill the kids Easter baskets with one clothing item, one toy, and a few candies and hide them on Easter Sunday. We also color eggs and I hide those too. Again Aliyah was stoked since she knew there was candy involved.
We had the Mastens over for Easter Dinner. They are like family and we always have a good time with them.

I had fun dressing the kids for Easter. I always love the holidays when I can dress them all up. Mishonne hated pink so we found her a skirt with a bit of pink and a necklace to compromise.

Mishonne asked if I would curl her hair for Easter. Once all the curlers were in she regreted asking. She has a tender head and did not enjoy all the hard curlers tugging at her hair. She looked very grown up....too grown up when it was all done.

Ward Easter Party 2011

The kids had so much fun at the ward Easter Party. It was Aliyah's first realization that eggs can have candy in them. She was pretty impressed.

Valentine's Fun

We were excited to get a Valentine Day king cake. It was fun to see the kids enjoy their Valentine treats and to get hugs from them.

It was quite a year co-coaching Mishonne's Middle School basketball team. It is a long season and Loren was very patient staying with the kids while I was away. I love seeing the girls improve and accomplish individual and team goals.

Potty Training Moments

We took the plunge and potty trained Aliyah. She thought teaching her baby doll was the coolest thing ever. It took her a couple of weeks to get it down but the bribery with M&Ms and gum helped. We will enjoy having a few extra dollars now that we dont have to buy diapers. Woo Hoo!