Monday, April 27, 2009

A trip to Wisconsin.

WE decided to spend EAster break by heading up to Wisconsin. It is always good to see the people who became Loren's family on his mission there. I too have a soft spot in my heart for these amazing families. We miss them when we don't get to see them for a long time. The kids had a ball playing the Wii at the Bruettes, football and little Joseph at the Neimics, and the awesome food at the Dentons.

Chic and Mom Bruette with Loren

Our gang of five with the four Bruette grandgirls. Haley made fast friends with the girls and was sad to leave them.

The Bruette girls Megan (and her husband) and Melanie and thier son T.J. with me and Loren.

THis is a cool three generation photo for Loren. He baptized Mary and her son Brian later joined the church when he was 18. He went on a mission and was married in the temple. They had their first baby, Joseph, two weeks before Aliyah was born. Cool!

Here is Aliyah being a bully and trying to take away Joseph's toys. She thinks its pretty funny.
Here is the whole Denton gang. Granny Denton, the matriarch started it all. Loren taught and baptized her and her girls. Loren got to go to the temple with their family to have her and some of her kids and her deceased husband sealed. Now there are little Denton great grandkids running around. The dominoe affect is priceless.

Here are some fun pics from our time with the DEntons.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Here Comes Trouble!

Aliyah is getting so big and getting into everything. Her favorites are the shoe box, the lid drawer, and the book shelves. Aiyah now climbs up on the fireplace hearth so we have to watch her carefully. The other day she was chewing on something so I ran over to get it out of her mouth. It was none other than a dead lady bug. Gross! She just had her 10 month day. Wow, how time flies by.

Here is Aliyah on Easter Day. What a little joy.