Friday, October 24, 2008

All A's

The kids just finished up their first quarter at school. Here they are in their lovely uniforms. It was crazy with the hurricane right in the middle of it. There are about 460+ students in their school and only 13 of them got all A’s. Mishonne, Logan, and Haley happened to be three of them. I am proud of them for being such good students. Logan had a low B on his progress report a month ago and so I went to talk to him about what was up with that. I told him it will turn into a C if he forgets to turn in homework or anything else. He said, “ Oh, don’t worry Mom. C’s are not that bad. They just mean average.” I am sure my eyes popped out of my head. I calmly replied with gritted teeth, “That is right Logan for most children. You are capable of much better. Besides you only get a dollar for the A’s, not the C’s.” I am not sure if it was the money or my wonderful prep talk but he obviously stepped it up and got an A. There was a Mom at the award ceremony that came up to me afterward and said that I should have gotten an award for raising such bright children. I did not have the heart to tell her that they are just wonderful kids and I only help them if they ask for it. I am a believer that having taught them to read at 3 and 4 years old was the key to help them learn to love learning and reading. I am blessed to have such wonderful kids.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Fall Y'all

Our weather has just turned from a sticky high 80's to a cool low 80's with lower night temps and so we can finally call it fall. I got to take Denton and Aliyah to pumpking patch on Friday for our playgroup.

When we pulled up Denton says, "Mom, look there is 5 pumpkins!" He was so excited to see all the pumpkins even if he is an under exaggerator. We just trained him that a pumpkin is a "pumpkin" and not a "pumpkin pie" I guess all he remembered from last year is that we made pumpkin pie with a real pumpkin. He is his Daddy's Boy.

Denton is contantly asking me if he can hold "it" meaning Aliyah. ONce she fusses on his lap he says, "Okay. Done. She wants Mommy's milk."

Friday, October 17, 2008

Aliyah turns 4 months!

Aliyah just turned 4 months old. Boy how the time flies by. I had fun taking self portraits with Aliyah. It took about ten times to get a good one beause as soon as I would get her to smile there would still be a few seconds left on the timer and she would turn her head. Aliyah is allready teething and so she drools like crazy and wants to chew on everything. Mishonne got her firt teeth at 4 1/2 months and so she probably will too. Motherhood has been a joy with Aliyah. I am excited for my Mom to see her in a few weeks.

Friday, October 3, 2008

My Wall Art

Some people have pretty paintings on their wall for decoration, not me. My walls are decorated with my kids. I have the same pose of all my kids at 2 months old and so I had to get the same pose of Aliyah. I had to take her 2 times because she just wanted to suck on her fist the first time. It is fun to see the similarities between her and the other kids. They are all so darn cute! So here is the infamous pose.

Denton Boy Goes to Pre-K

Wow, I can't believe our little boy is old enough for Pre-K. He loves it and is so excited to pack a luch every day in his cars lunch box. To him that is what school is all about since he has watched the big kids take their lunch boxes to school for 3 years. It is fun to see the crafts and papers he brings home. I am trying to enjoy these fun years before I blink and he is a teenager.