Sunday, September 4, 2011

Softball Galore

I got reeled in to coach Mishonne's softball team this year which was called Kaos, a very fitting name I must say. After putting up with the cooky coach and her drunkard ex husband many parents asked me to finish coaching the team. We had a crazy year ending with the old coach stealing money from me. Ya, it was nuts.
Haley had a ball playing on her team which was called the "Bombshells." Our freind Eric Nicols coached the team.
Logan played in a more competitive baseball league this year and found it challenging but rewarding towards the end.

Haley's Dance Pics

I did my first indoor pics for Haleys dance class. I learned that I need a wide angle lens, but under the circumstances I thought they turned out cute. Haley had fun learning dance from Jessica Storey. The dance was a taught in Jessica's home and it was a small class so Haley got a lot of one on one learning. The dance recital was very cute. They danced to "Footloose" and "Here comes the Sun"