Sunday, October 9, 2011

Marshmellows and Faries

The grandkids love to roast Marshmellows with Uncle Christopher and Grandpa Mike

Mishonne took a growth spurt and to her mother's horror is now taller than she.

Aria gets to wear Aliya's old Tinker Bell costume. She looks so adorable, Sandra just had to get some lovins.

Haley turns "9"

Haley is lucky because she gets to have her birthday each year in Washington. This year she shared it with Uncle Greg and Father's Day. It was good to have so much family supportAiyah with Grandpa Mike
Brandon with his two girls Addison and Trinity
Logan with his favorite Uncle, Christopher.
The birthday girl loves her Grandma and big sister

Grandma Maryann and her Pops Grandpa Don

Grandma Jody steals some hard to get cuddles from Mishonne

Janel quickly becomes the coolest according to Aliyah

Lucian's adoption

We were so excited to be there for Lucian's adoption. He is such a special little blessing. I know he was supposed to join Nicole's family.

Haley Gets her Ears pierced in Washington

Haley was too nervous to get her ears pierced when she was eight so she waited until she turned 9. It was a family affair to the mall. She was very nervous as you can see, but was very excited once she was all done. I can't believe she is getting so big. What a beautiful girl.

The kids had fun playing with Lucian in the mall play area.

A Joint Birthday Party

We had a huge huge huge turn out at Denton and Aliyah's joint swim party. Since their birthdays are close together and they have friends with siblings their age we had the party together. It ended up being a much larger crowd than I thought but it was fun. They had a bug egg hunt and hotdogs.

Bella, the Bascom's dog thought she was one of the kids.

Logan gradutaes from Primary School

Logan had a ball at his field day. It marked the end of Primary as he knew it. They got to have a BBQ and do various activities. He looked especially funny with a kleenex box tied to his behind.

Aliyah especially enjoyed the field day since she got to jump on the Space Walk and have ice cream.

Denton boy turns 6

It's hard to believe that Denton is "6." He loves cars and legos, so he was not too excited about getting clothes. It was funny to see the different reactions when he would open a gift. Money also got a good response.