Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dahlia gets a Bath

Aliyah got to help give Dahlia a bath. I dont know who was more wet when she was done, the dog or her.

Spokane Riverfron Park

Uncle Christopher catches Aliyah on the huge wagon slide

Aunt Donna and Grandma Maryann play hide n seek with the kids
Aliyah had a little too much fun in the sprinkler park. She even took her top off to be like Denton.

Aunt Donna took Aliyah down to the river edge to feed the ducks.

The Redwood Trees

The Redwood trees are so majestic. The kids had fun climbing fallen trees.

Beach Hikes in ORegon

The kids look forward to our annual hikes along favorite beach trails. This year we hiked most all of our favorite spots like Miner's creek and Indian sands and natural bridges.

Mishonne and Aliyah watch the sun go to bed.
Mom and Mishonne at the natural bridges
Aliyah gets a much better view atop Daddy's shoulders
Haley and I snuck back along the road trail

The boys made it back to the top of the trail

Family Pics Summer 2011

I got to practice taking pictures with my family. Much to my Dad's and Loren's horror they got to spend a whole 30 minutes posing in front of the camera.