Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Garden party

Aliyah wanted a flower cake which turned into a garden party for her birthday. The girls wore dresses for the first half and played in the water for the second half. We potted plants and had a cupcake flower arrangement. The girls had a ball.
The girls from left to right are Caroline, Sophie, Sara, Aliyah Annabelle, Maggie, Kaleigh, and Hannah.

Our family celebrates a bundle of Summer Birthdays

Summer brings lots of Birthdays for us. First up is Denton boy turning "8" We are having his baptism in Washington. He was excited to get his own scriptures now that he is 8. He wanted a mulit colored cake.
Aliyah turned "5" and is anxious for Kindergarted. She wanted a cookie cake for her "family party" and a flower cake for her "friend" party. The kids get a friend party every other year.
Haley was excited to have Erin Nicol over for her Birthday. We had Chinese food and red velvet cake upon the request of the birthdy girl.
Sandra's birthday was the last day of girls camp. Can't believe how tall Mishonne is now. I am sure she must be standing on something:)After a nap and stake conference, we had dinner with a group of friends at the OUtback.
So much fun and so much love in this family. Okay, maybe a bit of teasing too, but we are glad for eachother.

Aliyah graduates from Pre-K

Aliyah loved Pre-K this year. Her best friend in Pre-K was Sophie. They were always together holding hands. It was so cute. Here are some Pre-K memories of Aliyah. The field trip to watch how King cakes are made.
Valentines Party with 2 best friends Ally and Sophie
Atrip to the little airport. Fun for the kids to sit in a cockpit.
div> Play date with Sophie. they played dress up and made up dances
A trip to the Farm. they got a hay ride, rode on a horse, brushed a horses mane, and other fun farm things.
Since Aliyahs birthday is in the summer, the teachers have a special day set aside for their very own bday celebration. Aliyahs was so funny trying to distinguish between "fake" bdays and real bdays.
Graduation party with Ms. Kathy and Ms. Beth.

The Color Run

It was a fun experience participating in th color run with Kaeli Mallett. Workers throw packets of color at you while you run by. I got a whole buch tossed at my face. The stuff does not taste too good. Befor the race.
After the race.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Saying Goodbey to the Parries

It was hard saying Goodbey to yet another good Louisiana family. It seems to be the pattern. We get close to a family and then they move. Maybe our turn will come to be the one to move some day. WE will miss you Natalie, Kyle, Alexander, Benjamin, and Isaac.

Easter Sunday

Unfortunately Loren was still in Washington for Easter. WE had an Easter Egg hunt after church and then had dinner at the Mastens. WE got creative this year and wore matching clothes to church. It makes for a great photo:)

Easter FHE with the Bonhams and Hipps

WE had a fun Easter Egg hunt with the Bonham girls and Hipps family. WE had the 12 eggs that had portions of the Easter story in them as well.

Easter Party for PreK

Aliyah was thrilled to see the Easter Bunny at her Pre-K Easter Party. Here she is with her best friend Sophie and little Hayden.