Friday, May 29, 2009

A Bitter Sweet Mother's Day

My Mom got to be with us on Mother's Day this year. I have not been with her for a Mother's Day in 13 years or more. Isn't that crazy. It was very cool to have her here. I even got asked to give a Mother's Day talk and so she got to be there. OF course I cried like a baby when I gave it but the spirit was strong. The kids got me all kinds of cute cards and gardening stuff. My favorite gift was a poem by Mishonne. She is a gifted writer.
The other crazy thing that happened on MOther's Day is that my broher Christopher got to come for a visit before he went into the army. We are so excited for him to find some meaning and direction in his life. We love him to death and want to see him happy.
So the bitter sweet part of this day was that I got to spend it with my Mom but Christopher left for basic on Mother's Day. I drove him to meet the sargeant since Mom would have blubbered.