Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Our first Carribean Cruise

Loren and I went on our first cruise to celebrate our 14th anniversary. We got it at a much discounted price and had a ball. My mom flew in to stay with the kids and so we owe her for this one.

The first day of the cruise was out at sea, but the second day we went to the mainland of Mexico near Cancun. We opted to go see the Mayan ruins at Tulum. They were very cool and neat to see in person. It made the Book of Mormon stories more alive.
This was the best weather day we had the whole time. After the ruins we went to the Playa Maya beach. It was windy but beautiful. Here I am sporting my cute hand made hat I bought at the flea market there.

Here are some sunsets as seen from our ship. The one with the circle is from our cabin port hole. IT was amazing.

HEre are some pics taken on the ship. We had a formal dress night where we got lobster and prime rib. Yummmm! The marble stairs are on the ship. There was also a water slide and minerature golf course on the ship. Each night we came back from dinner our room was clean and there was a new towel art on our bed. The only time I felt sea sick was on the last day when I read in the window nook. Loren just happened to take a picture of me reading.

Our third day we went to the island of Cozumel. We opted to get some sun at a cool beach resort called Playa Mia. It had a water trampoline, kayaking, hammocks, a blow up ice berg and lots of lawn chairs. It ended up being overcast but it was relaxing. There we met a neat couple who said we reminded them of a couple they know from Rexberg Idaho. I asked if they were Mormon and they said yes. This started a long discussion on religion, etc. I hope we planted a seed there. It is amazing that people can tell when you are mormon just by the "Spirit" as our friends said. What a neat experience.

We met tons of neat people on the ship. Most of the workers on the ship were international and there earning money to send back to their poor families. It makes you think about the many blessings we have as Americans.