Thursday, September 27, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

City League Champs. Luck of the Irish was with Logan's team this year. By a miracle they ended up winning the Championship at the end of the season. Some of the better teams used up their good pitchers by the time we played them so we won easily. Logan played well for his final year of baseball.
Haley is loving Softball. She improved so much this year. They had a pretty inexperienced team and so she was one of the best on the team.
Mishonne had a good year in AYSA softball. Our team was very new but by the end we were beating tough teams. Mishonnes friend Stephanie pitched for us and Mishonne played third base. Alyssa Hipps and Kalli helped coach (before she went back to Washington) back row:Alyss, Haylee, Mishonne, Emily, Sadie, Emma, Coach Marks Middle: Stephanie, Payton, Caitlyn Bottom:

Mishonne says Goodbye to Middle School

Mishonne and Lauren Little in their 8th grade graduation dresses.
Mishonne's 8th grade graduation award ceremony.
Mishonne receives the Four Sports award. She will be the first girl to go on the new gym plaque.
Mishonne receives the Principles Award for all A's throughout middle school.

TAG trip to WWII Museum

I had fun chaperoning the TAG field trip for Mishonne and Logan. The museum was very neat. Here is the whole group together.
I chaperoned Logan's group of friends so I didnt get any good pictures of Mishonne. Here the boys pose at the larg jazz band player and Logan likes the cement rocket.
The Boys Salute in front of the Giant flag.
Here is the bridge Logan built for a TAG project. Very cool.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

May the Force Be With You

Denton wanted a Star Wars Birthday Party. So Denton and his little friends became Jedis and had to complete the Jedi course to earn their Jedi Master Badge at the end Loren dressed up as Darth Vador so the Jedis could Shoot foam darts at him.
Denton and his buddy Ethan made a good team blocking the galactic space balls that Logan and Tomasi were throwing at them.
Aliyah had fun throwing the Galactic space balls in the bucket.
The tree swing/ space shuttle ride was Mishonnes station. Some of the Jedis got a bit squemish.
. The Jedis receive their badge.
I even attempted a cake that looked like a Lego Block. So fun!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ride 'Em Cowboy- April 2012

Haley and Aliyah saw the sign for the rodeo down the street so I took them to watch the calf roundups. I had allergies after a while but the girls thought it was cool.
Haley intensely watching the cowboys.
Aliyah with her Lion. She mostly enjoyed petting the horses in the barn.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Easter Sunday Church Service

Its always fun to get dressed up for Easter Sunday and see all the kids at church in their Easter clothes. I love remembering Christ's Resurrection this time of year. The kids look so great. I cant believe we got a pic where everyone is looking.
Grandma loves her Angel and Princess.
Just me and my Mamma.
Kalli and Grandma joined us for Easter Church Services.

The Hunt is On!

Its fun to see the kids get so excited about the annual egg hunt. Even the teens have fun. WE made them wait for the "Go" sign. They lined up shortest to tallest.
Aliyah ran for it.
Logan had to have Loren reach down his basket. Some day buddy you will be able to reach it.
Notice Haley's well planned footwear to help her run to the eggs.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Coloring Easter Eggs with Grandma

It was neat to have Grandma here during Easter this year. This kids get so into their Easter egg decorating. They made some pretty creative ones this time. Even Aunt Kalli got in on the fun. We only had one cup of dye spill.