Sunday, October 7, 2012

Saying Goodbye to Good Friends

We had Tyson, Phil, and the Stibals over for dinner on Aliyah's birthday so we could say goodbye. The boys are going back to Idaho so Tyson could go to School and Phil on a mission. The Stibals are moving to Virginia. Mishonne is really sad since her and Kennedy have gotten to be such good friends. I will miss Cristi a bunch as well. WE are blessed to meet so many good people along the road of life.

Father's Day

Aliyah was so used to seeing the last 3 June birthdays with cards that had money in them that she figured a card wasn't a card unless it had money in it. So she asked if she could give Daddy one of her birthday dollars in the card she made. I thought that was very sweet.
Denton was very proud of his card too. Loren read it aloud.
Logan's gift was making waffles for breakfast.
Haley spent a long time on Loren's card complete with a flip book inside. d

Haley girl turns "10"

Haley completes our June Birthdays. It was her turn to have a friend birthday party this year as well as a family party. Here are the family pictures. Haley wanted a cookie cake this time. For the friend party we had a mall scavenger hunt in which Sandra forgot all the presents at one of the scavenger hunt stops. Oops. Luckily, we found them at the mall security office.
THe kids had fun shopping at the store to get their own presents for Haley. They had a very limited budget of $3 so it was fun to see what they came up with.
Haley has a desire to learn volleyball this year so Mom got her her first volleyball and kneepads.

A Sassy "37"

Sandra isn't gonna let turning one year older ruin her fun. Loren took a picture of Sandra and her "37 yr. old" guns.

Our littlest Princess turns "4"

Aiyah was so excited to finally have her birthday and turn "4." We had a family birthday this year and just invited the Stibals over for cake and icecream.
Tyson, Kalli's ex-boyfriend even brought Aliyah a couple of roses for her Birthday. She was tickled and has missed Tyson since Kalli moved back to Washington.

Slippin Slidin

Chase Masten came over to play on the slip n slide with Logan, Denton, and Aliyah.
Aliyah kept getting upset because the boys would take her turns. You can see her in the background being all dramatic.

Piano Recital Comes Again

I was so proud of the kids to see their hard work pay off. Haley played Fleur de Leis, Logan played The Entertainer, and Mishonne played Somewhere in Time as the Finale. They really like their little old piano teacher, Miss Gwen.

Mother's Day 2012

Loren took this picture of me and the kids after church on Mother's Day. It is one of my favorites. The kids and Loren made dinner for me and made me cute cards. I felt very loved that day.