Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Happy Birthday to Aria and Lucian

Auntie Sandra made the birthday cakes for Aria and Lucian. It was a bug birthday so Aria got a butterfly and Lucian a bug mud cake. It was a hot day, but fun to celebrate the birth of our special Lucian and Aria.

Camping in WA

We love going camping in Washington. It was nice to have a playground there for the kids to play on when they couldn't be at the beach. Nicole couldn't go too long with out having to talk to her lovey dovey Chris Lowe. Grandma Jody and Opa came out for a BBQ and games by the fire. The kids had fun fishing off the dock. Not too many fish biting, except Aliyah getting a bite on her line.

Family BBQ

The family had a great time at Janel and Kevin's house. The kids got to slip n slide and go in the hot tub. We sure miss these family members when we are not in Washington. Chris Lowe, Nicole's boyfriend was in town too so it was extra special.

There is Beauty all Around

Mishonne being silly with her "Don't Hate me Because I'm Beautiful" Hair Three Bathing Beauties Sister Beauties if I don't say so myself Lots of Big Brown Puppy Dog eyes and I don't just mean Dahlia Grandma Maryann loves her Grandbabies

Washington Annual Softball Game

It was fun to see various family members at the picnic/ softball game this summer in Washington. Mishonne and Grandma Jody The softball crew was mostly younger kids this year I got to meet Kindra, Christopher's girlfriend.

Fun With Lucian and Aria

The first week in Washington was spent watching Lucian and Aria quite a bit. It was good to get to know these two little rascals more. Aria loved listening to Loren sing and play the toy guitar. Loren and Auntie Sandra were the human jungle gyms for the day.