Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hello everyone. Here are some fun pics from our trip to Oregon. Wish I could say I miss Louisiana, but apart from our fabulous friends there, it just isn't so.

Here we took the kids hiking down to Miner's Creek. It is beautiful. Little Aliyah is in the snugglie.

Sandra and Haley down at Harris Beach

Sandra being silly with our cool shades Mom found. The beach seems to bring out the kid in us.

Sandra's friend Michelle met us on the coast for a day. We sure miss her and her family.

Sandra's Mom came to ORegon for 5 days. She was like a kid again on the beach. It was good to see her so happy.

We went to watch the sunset. How beautiful.

Mishonne and 2 cousins Perry and Elise jump the waves at the beach.
The kids have fun at the kite festival.

Mom had never been river rafting so we took her over to Heidi's and went rafting on the Rouge River. We all had a blast and it was a good workout.

Logan and cousin Johnny are best buds. This is at Tide Rock on the Chetco River.

Mishonne and Denton are little fish in the river. The kids also got to go aff a rope swing at the river.

All of the older cousins at the Marks reunion decorated T-shirts and played a war game with nerf guns. How Sweet!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Belated Fourth of July!

We want to wish y'all a belated Happy 4th of July from our crew now in Washington. Loren the Birthday Boy turned 36. We had a birthday gathering for him and my brother Chris who turned 18 at my Grandpa Don's home out on Diamond lake. Loren was happy because he got in a mile swim on his special day. Denton is beginning to think it is a Happy Birthday every day since we have 5 of our family members with birthdays within a month and a half. Every time he sees a cake or a candle of any kind he says, "Sing Happy Birthday?"

My Grandpa is getting rid of this old boat and decided it would be a great birthday sign for the Birthday Boys, Loren and Chris.
Here is Aliyah, 3 weeks old now, sporting her 4th of July outfit.

Great Grandma Jody, Aliyah's name sake, gets in a much anticipated love.

Great Grandpa Don gets caught catching some cuddles as well.

Even Grandpa Mike's heart is stollen by little Aliyah.

Logan having some fun with his new snorkel gear in the lake.

Haley gets to ride in the boat with uncle Christopher as driver. It was not a mild ride either. When the boat lifts a foot off the water chomping over the waves it can't be too safe. But the kids thought it was cool.

The highlight of Denton's day was getting to play on the Bobcat.

All the kids love their Opa (G'pa Carl). Logan gives the best hugs.

Haley loves her Grandma Maryann very much. She told my mom she was so excited to be at her house that she did not know which room to go into first.

Sandra got her blue eyes from G'pa Don.

Happy Birthday Daddy! We love you!!