Friday, December 19, 2008

Oh so Big!

Here are the three oldest kid's school pictures (not taken at the school of course. I find ordering the high priced low quality pictures they take at the school silly, so we do our own and always get good ones.) Every time I see photos of the kids I can't believe how old they look (and cute too).

Mishonne Maryann
Logan James
Haley Renee

Believe to Receive

Notice how Aliyah is the "jolly" one.

Aliyah is so cute in her little Santa Dress.
Denton would only get near the Santa at our church party if we all came with him.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Trimming the Tree.

We ended up getting a real tree this year since our artificial one was wimpy and broken. I was so excited that it was only $25 and it is really pretty. It is a fir tree and it takes lot of watering, but it sure smells good.

Logan is very meticulous placing his ornaments from Aunt Janel on the tree.

Haley is as cheerful as ever.

THis is Denton's first year really grasping the lelebration of Christmas traditions. He kept saying wow and jumping up and down when we did the lights.

Mishonne got to hang up the angel on the tree this year.

Our littlest snow Baby turns 6 Months.

Aliyah turned 6 months on the same day Mishonne turned 11yrs.. Aliyah is starting to sit up by herself and roll around the floor. Her latest craze is sweet potatoes. MMM..

Mishonne got a pogo stick for her birthday and lots of fun cards from family. It is hard to believe she will be a teenager in 2 years. Wow, do I feel old.

Snow in Louisiana!!

Yes it is true, a once in a life time event has occurred in Louisiana. It snowed! Baton Rouge has had snow flurries in the past but this time it stuck to the ground for a few hours. The kids were outside making a snowman and having snow ball fights at 7:30 this morning. Okay so they started making the snow man with me and I finished it. I had just as much fun as they did. We all came in for hot chocolate afterwards just in time for the power to go out for a few hours. It ended up being a fun late Birthday present for Mishonne who turned 11 yesterday.
THe kids gathering snow for the snow man.
Mishonne, Logan, and two neighborhood girls posing in front of the snowman.
Our front yard that just had a rose in bloom 2 days ago in it.
Denton, me, and Haley playing in the snow.