Monday, January 31, 2011

King Cake Time

We had our first King Cake of the season for family Home Evening. The kids love the cinnamon flavor from Ralph's. Aliyah found the plastic baby in her piece. She said "Ooo, the baby is all dirty and its naked." Can't get enough King Cake!

Awards 'n such

Mishonne, Logan, and Haley got straight A's again this year. The Primary school had a Hollywood and red carpet theme the first quarter. This quarter they did an Olympics theme. It was fun. The kids all got a medal for making honor roll.

A visit from our favorite Army Soldier

We were so excited to see Uncle Christopher. He was home on leave from Afghanistan and then went back to Italy. We miss him when he is gone and he is always in our family prayers. The kids hadn't seen him in 19 months and it was like he was never gone. They took him as easy as ever, even Aliyah who was only a little over a year last time. Haley stuck to hime like glue and gave lots of cuddles which I think was a therapy of sorts to Christopher who had some crazy events happen while in Afghanistan.
Denton and Aliyah got a date to the zoo with Uncle Christopher.

A Hornets Game

Our friends the Perillouxs from church offered us three tickets to the New ORleans Hornets Basketball game. Loren had fun taking Mishonne and Logan to the game. The kids had a ball in the suite room eating food and drinking soda. The Hornets won by the way so it was a memorable day. Mishonne was the photographer.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Remember When... dream gets off the ground

As long as I can remember taking pictures has been a passion of mine. I decided to start selling bottlecap necklaces to earn enough money for a semi professional camera. I thought it would take about a year to earn enough money but low and behold Captastic bottlecaps took off like a rocket and I earned the money in just one month. So now is learning time for me on my new camera whom I have named Buddy. Here are some of the very first pictures I took with my new Buddy. At first my pics were really washed out and I tried every shutter speed and could not figure out what was wrong so I called Jef. He politely informed me that my lens was not on properly and too much light was getting in. Duhhhh! So as you can tell Haley is a willing subject and I have lots to learn.

I love how easily Aliyah is happy and then sad in the next pic. I think Haley stole a cracker from her bowl as you can see the sheepish look on her face in the background.

Ward Christmas Party

The kids had fun at the ward Christmas party. IN the Primary nativity play, Logan was a shepherd and Haley was an angel. The youth played a part in the revised version of the 12 days of Christmas as well. Haley played a triangle and Mishonne's Beehive class were 12 maids eating milky ways.
Aliyah had a ball dancing to the Christmas music with her reindeer antlers on.

Christmas Sunday Attire

Sandra loves dressing the kids up on Christmas Sunday. This year hot pink was the "new Christmas" red. Aliyah refused to wear her black church shoes so the hot pink "fwips" were her choice. The boys settled for black pants and ties. We are so grateful to attend church to celebrate the Lord's Birthday.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Decorating the Tree

We love decorating our Christmas tree each year and reminiscing over our ornaments that the kids have gotten over the years. Haley and Denton were in charge of the little tree that we put the kids home made ornaments on.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Halloween Glimpses

The kids had fun dressing up for Halloween parties. Aliyah was a cute lady bug. We had to get her used to it a few weeks before Halloween. At first she would not even touch it and then by Halloween she wanted to wear it all the time. Denton was an army guy, Haley was a pretty little witch, Logan a magician, and Mishonne a lady pirate.
Aliyah had a ball at her playgroup Halloween party. There were all kinds of princesses and Luke skywalker to keep them safe.

Big Girl's overnighter

We had a ball up at the Richardson's camp in Mississippi. Stephanie, Natalie, Amy, and myself had an overnighter with no kids or husbands allowed. We played games, had pizza, shot bb guns, rode on the paddle boats, and hiked. It was a nice break from the regular routine.

More Fun with Grandma and Auntie

The kids always look forward to frosting sugar cookies with Grandma when she comes to visit.

I had fun taking some natural light pictures of Lucian and Aria and then had Mishonne take some of me and Nicole.

Funny Faces galore. Who has the funniest face?

The kids had fun with Lucian and Aria. Aliyah even wanted to put Aria in her baby shopping cart. The little ones bathed together and rode horsey on Mishonne.

The Audubon Zoo with Auntie

We were so excited to have Auntie, Lucian, Aria, and Grandma Maryann come visit us. It was our first time seeing Aria. She is so cute and Lucian is so big. We all got to go to the Audubon Zoo. After a wild goose chasing finding the zoo we had a great time.

The scout Centennial Celebration

Sandra took Mishonne, Logan, and Haley to the Scout Cedntennial Celebration. It was not as hands on as we thought. It was mostly sponsors advertising their stuff, but the kids did get to see a cool helicopter and some military armor.

A last trip to the ocean for the year

Loren and the kids got a 3 day weekend and we found a good deal on a hotel so we took the kids four hours away to Pensacola, Florida for a day and a half trip to the beach. It was hot but the kids had a good time.

Play group at the Baton Rouge Zoo

It is hard to believe that playgroup is something that Aliyah talks about now. She loves going on outings to see her friends. It was a perfect day for a trip to the zoo. Her new best buddy, Benjamin, moved in down the street. She is also good friends with Lila and Morgan and Caroline.

Crew gets a new diaper

Mishonne had to come up with an invention for her TAG class. She decided to make a dipaer with a disposal insert and a leash for her guinea pig. Crew thought it was not such a good idea. He wiggled out of it and put his head in it instead.

First day of School

Denton was so excited to go to his first day of Kindergarten as a big boy. He looked so handsome in his school uniform. Haley is now in third grade and Logan in fifth grade. Logan got nominated for student of the year this year and got third place out of the whole fifth grade. A daughter of one of the teachers ended up winning. He did a great job on his portfolio. So far all of the kids have all A's this year. Mishonne is in seventh grade and also has all A's. This is her first experience of being on a school team. She made both the volleyball and basketball teams. I have the opportunity to assistant coach her teams. I am pleased with all of my kids. Even Aliyah is excited to learn and do her "homework" with the big kids when they get home.

My 35th birthday bash

My 35th Birthday bash was spent with a bunch of little kids and big kids, I mean my close friends. We met at the Richardson's pool and my friends Courtney and Andrea surprised me with a birthday cake and gifts. Loren later took me out to dinner and the kids got me garden decor. I don't feel a day over 29.

The Hewitts come to Oregon

It was so fun to have the Hewitts come down to Oregon to see us. Michell is my close friend from Baton Rouge who moved back to Oregon a few years ago. We have managed to see them briefly each summer. Michell is now remarried to a great guy. I am so happy for her. Haley and little Halle were best friends and so were Logan and her son Charlie. Boy have they grown.

Visiting with Old Friends

We were fortunate enough to get to stop and see our old friends, Kyle and Daylene Walker in Rexberg Idaho. They were our best friends when we lived in Utah the first few years we were married. IT had been 10 years since we saw them last. We each have five kids now. They still look almost the same. We hope to see them more in the future.

We also got to see the Ramsdens and Beatties in Utah like usual. We are so grateful for the good friends we have met along the way.

Families come together

Haley's baptism was the reason Grandma Jody and Opa and Grandma Maryann came down to Oregon. We had fun showing them our favorite places in Brookings. They even got to have some of Renee's fried fish.

We had fun hanging out in their hotel. This is the morning of Haley's baptism. We were being silly. They were here for the kite festival. Opa loved the bagel shop I told him about.
This is a most precious picture.
Aliyah Jody Marie is with her two name sakes, Great Grandma Jody and Great Grandma Edith Marie.

More from the Marks Reunion

The goofy side of the Marks is the best side.

Here are some of the adults having fun too.

Bonding with family is our favorite part of the reunion experience.

Funny faces galore!

It's fun to put on our game faces on and play some ping pong, horse shoes, volleyball and badmitten.

2010 Marks Family Reunion

We started an annual tradition of renting Camp Lane for the Marks reunion each year. Here is the whole gang together. We are only missing Tommy and Jacki's family. It is always entertaining to get the whole Marks clan together.

This is a glimpse at the Marks Family Sing a long night.

The kids always love playing in the sand. Some of the pics are from the Camp Lane and some are a few days before on the beach.

Here are many of the older "Re-Marks" cousins. They love being together.

Each year there is usually a new baby in the fold. This year it was baby Sawyer.