Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A trip to the Zoo for Spring Break

It was a beautiful day at the Zoo. We took Kalli and Grandma there during Easter Break. Who let the animals out!
Aliyah loves brushing the smelly goats. Good thing there is hand sanitizer.
Hey, those groundhogs look a lot like Haley and Erin.
There is a fun tunnel that leads to the ground hogs.
Haley and Erin are best buds and have so much fun together.

Play Group Fun

Aliyah and Benjamin are best buddies. They had a ball riding the powered jeep.
Static Cling got the best of little Caroline and Lila.
Uh Oh. Its Aliyahs turn at the wheel now. She gives her best friends, Morgan and Benjamin a ride.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mishnonne's 8th grade Basketball Team

It was a tough year for the DMS 8th grade team this year. They lost every game by less than 10 points and in some cases less than 5 or 3 points. Mishonne was the high scorer this year with almost 100 points scored total. She is excited to play highschool basketball. This will be Sandra's last year to coach Mishonne's teams.

Logan's Amazing Race Bday

Mishonne's Birthday was such a hit that we used all of our supplies to have another Amazing Race party for Logan. The boys had a ball. There were 4 team with 2 to 3 boys on them. We cooked appetizers from the different coutries that they "traveled" to. Adults were the chaperones and taxi drivers for their group.
Logan's team got stuck when they chose the "Brain" route instead of the "Braun" route.
The purple team ended up winning.
Logan got to open his gifts from us at home. His favorite was his Lego set.

Mardi Gras In New ORleans 2012

Mishonne decided to paint the girls' gaces and dress them up in MardiGras fashion.
Even the trees had beads.
We decided to attend our first ever New ORleans Mardi Gras Parade. It was safe since it was during the day and on St. Charles Street.
We went with the Nicols. Here is Sandra with Haley and Erin Nicol.
Colin Nicol dressed up as an LSU masked fan.
The kids came home with some crazy loot.

Pizza and Valentine's Day

Each year the kids draw names the week before Valentine's Day and have to give secret acts of kindness or put something in their Valentine bag. I then make a red and pink dinner on Valentines Day and we open our secret Valentine gifts.

New Years in the Back Yard

The New Years Parties that we usually go to were cancelled this year so we decided to do our own. We had the Nicols and Kaeli and Matt Bonham over for Gumbo and fireworks. It was fun and eventful when a firework fell over that went shooting at us across the field.

An Amazing Race Birthday

Mishonne turned 14 on Dec. 10th and it was her year to have a birthday party so we made up a party based on the Amazing Race show. There were 4 teams and they travelled around to different locations representing countries. A chaperone drove them if needed and they had clues to help them find the next location. ONce at a location they had to complete challenges to move on. Mishonne's team ended up winning. The girls all had so much fun.
Mishonne loved getting cash from her buddies.
Mishonne and STephanie hid under the table so the other teams wouldn't know who won.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Christmas memories 2011

I love dressing the kids on Christmas Sunday. They look so adorable.
WE had an early Christmas with Kalli before she went home for the Holidays.
The kids sporting their Christmas P.J.s
Mishonne got Loren a key finder in which you whistle to find your keys.

Haley gets to Be a Star

All the kids made strait "A's" in the school year starting 2011. Haleys school had a Hollywood stars night. It was fun for the kids to feel so special. WE are pleased with all of our kids efforts they make to do well in school.

Logan Graduates from Primary School

Aliyah is so cute that the teachers offer her icecream at Logan's 5th grade graduation bash.
Here are all the boys of 5th grade.
The kids got to play fun games at the field day.
Logan has Sarah sign his shirt.