Friday, September 5, 2014

Birthdays Galore

We have five birthdays in 6 weeks in our family so its birthdays Galore for a while. First up at the end of May Denton turned 9. He had a swim party with his friends. We try to do a friend party every other year. Mom comes soon after with an early June birthday. We went out to dinner with some good friends and then had presents with the family. Next in line was Aliyah who turned 6. She saved up her money to buy an ipod which she couldn't wait to use. You see her crouched in the garage with all her birthday loot. Haley turned 12 which is a milestone since she gets to attend YW at church and gets to do school sports. Haley also had a pool party since it was her year for a friend party. Last in line is Loren with a 4th of July birthday. Mishonne got dad a fake hair weave since he is losing a little more hair each year. Aliyah made Daddy a special rock which he took to his office. Crazy how fast time flies.

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